YAHOO LOTTERY ASIA 2013, ON-LINE EMAIL LOTTERY PROMOTION PRIZE. ASIA PACIFIC REGIONAL BANGKOK THAILAND. WINNING NOTIFICATION TO THIS EMAIL ADDRESS Congratulations !!! The sole beneficiary of this email address. YAHOO wishes to announce to you of the recently held email Lottery promotion prize draw. Your email Address attached to ticket number 071-26901482-04 with serial number 37495-0 that drew the lucky numbers of 02-17-23-35-48, consequently has won the lottery and Qualified you among fifty international Winners in the 2nd category. Therefore you have been approved for a lump sum pay of US$ 1,000, 000.00 (ONE MILLION UNITED STATE DOLLARS ONLY) cash prize in file credited with REFERENCE: N.EG/2931635214/20. The Lucky Numbers. 02-17-23-35-48 CONGRATULATIONS!!! This promotion was drawn from the world wide websites email online through a computer draw system and the 50 winning addresses were selected randomly and extracted from over 100,000 email addresses & official addresses, that are listed online from Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, North and South America, Middle East and Africa. To begin your prize claim, sum of US$ 1,000,000 .You are advised to fill all the stated information below and submitted to our in charge Co-ordinator on the email given below, for further instructions and direction on how to receive your cash prize. Name: Co-ordinator Rev.Niran Deng Yahoo Asia Tower Soi 82 Sukhotai Road, Kosan Bangkok 10800 Thailand Tel: +66914652774 Email: 1. Name: 2. Address: 3. Marital Status: 4. Occupation: 5. Age: 6. Sex: 7. Nationality: 8. Country Of Residence: 9. Telephone Number: 10. Fax Number: 11. Draw Number above: In order
to avoid unnecessary delays and complications, please remember to quote your reference numbers in all correspondences with us, Furthermore, should there be any change of address, please do inform our Co-ordinator as soon as possible. Note: All winning prize is being covered by a strong policy, In view of this it can not be tampered until it get to you the winner beneficiary. This is our policy to ensure no misappropriation of winners fund or unwarranted abuse of this programme. For security reasons, you are advised to keep your winning information confidential till your claim is processed and your prize remitted to you. This is part of our precautionary measure to avoid double claimants or unwarranted claims by unqualified persons. Please be warned. Remember, you are expected to claim your prize immediately and not more than 20 days to the date of notification. Any claim not made at the appropriate time will be returned to HER MAJESTYS DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY. All the members and staffs of the YAHOO LOTTERY ASIA wishes to congratulates you and thank you for being a part of our International Promotion program. We wish you continued good fortunes. Announcer! Dr. Guang Bendilly President Yahoo! Lottery Asia Inc. Yours Sincerely, Ittiporn Banyat Vice President Yahoo! Lottery Asia Inc. Copyright (c) 2013 Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved Terms of Service Guidelines 776353 476328 258426

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